The Body Farm

Lately I’ve been suffering from insomnia like crazy. I’m starting to get a bit frustrated by it as well. I used to be one of those people who could sleep at a moment’s notice. It didn’t matter where I was or what was going on around me; I could close my eyes and be asleep. There were times I nearly fell asleep at my desk at work! How embarrassing that would have been.

However, the past few weeks I’ve been sleeping very poorly. I will have several days in a row when I lay in bed and toss and turn for hours. It’s too hot, then it’s too cold, then my arm will go to sleep, and then my back will start hurting, then it’s too hot, then it’s too cold, then my leg will cramp up, then my arm will start itching, then back to too hot….it’s a never ending cycle that lasts for hours. I have no idea why I’m having so much trouble sleeping, but I’m getting completely frustrated with it.

So last night, in an effort to combat the insomnia, Sam and I stopped at the bookstore and picked up a couple of book lights and a few books. He of course picked up the new Ann Coulter book – If Democrats Were Really Smart They’d Be Republicans; and I decided to try a new author for me – Patricia Cornwell’s The Body Farm. I love CSI and Law & Order, so I thought a book by one of the first authors of forensic thriller’s would be a great way to put my mind at ease and help me relax.

As it turns out, the book is fantastic. So far its not too creepy, but very descriptive and gripping. I am really enjoying the main character, Kay Scarpetta, and I can see many similarities in her personality to that of Jordan Kavanaugh in the old daytime TV drama, Crossing Jordan. It seems that Ms. Cornwell has written a whole Kay Scarpetta series, which I’m looking forward to getting my hands on. I read nearly a hundred pages last night after I crawled into bed, and had it not been for tiredness burning my eyes, I might have laid awake for many more hours. I’m desperate to keep reading this morning, but I know that I need to save it for tonight – otherwise I’ll finish it this afternoon and then I won’t have anything new to read tonight when I need it.

This book makes me wish I’d pursued my dream of becoming a mortician or coroner. But, it’s too late to head off to medical school for me, so I guess I’ll just have to read about it!


One thought on “The Body Farm

  1. Sam

    While you’re being entertained, I’m learning to say really sarcastic things to Liberals. Now that’s what I call fun. Mean, but fun.

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