A recipe of sorts

As I sit here in front of my computer this morning, wracking my brain for a somewhat engaging topic to post, I am reminded of a famous quote from Herbert Bayard Swope:

“I can not give you the formula for success, but I can give you the formula for failure – which is: Try to please everybody.”

Paul writes in the New Testament that he wished he could be all things to all people, so that everyone would come to know Christ and his saving grace (paraphrased). His desire was to be able to reach every single person he came into contact with and positively impact their lives for Christ so they could share in the joys of eternity in Heaven. Fortunately, Paul (being the Pharisee that he was) knew and understood the impossibilities involved in that. There are just some times when we’re not going to click with people. And we may both walk away scratching our heads wondering if we’ve ever come into contact with an odder person. In a way, blogging has allowed me to identify with Paul.

For me, blogging is usually fun and imaginative; it gives me a platform in which to write out my thoughts and feelings without actually having to put faces on the people I might be speaking to; it helps me to develop my vocabulary and my writing skills; and it often gets my creative juices flowing. It also gives me an opportunity to express my thoughts and feelings on a certain subject, or it allows me to blether on about random things that are happening in my life at that particular time, without worrying about cohesion.

I originally began blogging back in December of 2005; as a way to express myself in an anonymous forum. And while it was a slow start – only managing to write a few posts every few months – I have now made writing a part of my daily routine – at least most of the time. Interestingly enough, the more I write, the more readers I seem to gather – Sam and I call it my “cult following.” Many thanks to you for sticking with me and reading this dross.

Sadly though, as with almost anything in life, the more one expresses oneself, the more criticism they attract. Paul encountered the same thing in his ministry. In fact, he was thrown in jail and eventually killed because of his message – the message of Christ. Fortunately, I have yet to endure that, thanks to my first amendment rights, but I do still receive a fair amount of criticism from my readers.

I have received comments from people who have become offended by my posts and feel they are being attacked, personally, emotionally, or spiritually because of my openness with Christianity, what the Bible says, and what to do about Christ. I want you guys to know I’m truly not targeting you or your system of beliefs. I’m not the passive aggressive type who prefers to take the back door approach to criticism and judgment. My goal is simply to share how Christ has made a difference in my life, and what he’s teaching me now. I, like Paul, want to see everyone in Heaven, however, that requires me sharing the message of Jesus and how he touched my life, and not just thinking about Him.

Others have kindly suggested topics for me to write about, as well as topics for me to avoid. I want to assure you that I do hear you, and I do consider what you’re suggesting – stay tuned in – at some point I guarantee you will see posts based on your suggestions, however they will be written when I am ready to write them. And please remember, a blog is not a place to bear you soul – there are just some things a girl needs to keep close to her heart, so you may never read those kinds of posts here.

So to those of you who continue to stick it out with me, I’m sending you a great big THANK YOU! I love hearing from you. I love reading your comments and suggestions, and I love it that you tell all your friends about this blog. You guys are the best!



2 thoughts on “A recipe of sorts

  1. Devoid of Emotions

    Hello! I haven’t left a comment in a while, but I sure am glad that you actually read the comments, and that you appreciate them. I glad that I have mad some sort of tiny impact in you life.Moving on, again, please ignore my name. I don’t want to change it, and I was going through rocky times when I chose it. I do have emotions.It’s good that you are brave enough to stick up for Christ like that. I’m happy to have some form of contact with you, because you are so very strong, as compared to me.”Cult following”? Cute. Just to let you know (in case you didn’t know already), I’m the one from Asia who keeps nosing around here.Bye!(and if this is too long)

  2. snobound

    devoid-I do read the comments and I do appreciate them. 🙂 I have tried to find your blog several times and I’m unable to link to it – you do not have a public profile. What’s your blog url so I can check you out?

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