Wake Up!

Today in my ladies Bible study group, we talked about how many times we live our lives (or a portion of our lives) spiritually asleep. We might go to church, listen to Christian music, encourage our kids to get involved in church and youth group activities, and we may even read the Bible and pray. But how many of us are experiencing a personal revival in our walk with Christ?

How many times have we found ourselves laying awake late at night feeling like our life is missing something? How many times have we wondered why our walk with God doesn’t seem as vibrant as someone else we know? How often do we question God’s sovereignty when our lives become difficult and filled with stress, grief, or hardships?

For me, the driest times in my spiritual walk come when I sit back and put my walk with God on cruise control. On cruise control, I will go for long periods of time without reading my Bible or praying. I begin a cycle of just “going through the motions” at church or in my personal devotional time. And I do not really spend adequate time worshiping the Lord with my heart.

When I stop putting the effort into my relationship with God, I start to feel spiritually dry. And as with any relationship, once you stop working at it, it will just fall apart until it’s gone completely.

During those times of spiritual dryness I often find my foundations shaken. Crisis start to develop in my life – loved ones get sick, jobs are lost, friends move away, tragedies strike at every turn, and life in general gets very difficult. As Christians, we often run to God when our foundations are shaken, only to find it is God who’s doing the shaking. Then we have the audacity to question why he allows us to endure such turmoil; instead of realizing sometimes God has to give us a good shake to wake us up!

I remember as a child, my parents jostling me awake in the mornings so I could get ready for school. I was such a deep sleeper that I wouldn’t hear the alarm ringing, and if left to my own devices I wouldn’t have awoke in time to get to school. It can be the same way with our spiritual walk. It is so easy to get caught up in a life of mediocrity – work, family, activities, habits, etc., that before we know it we’ve fallen into a deep slumber and we do not hear the voice of God calling to us to wake up and move.

If you’re a Christian and you’re going through a spiritually dry time, I encourage you to take some time and reflect on your walk with the Lord, and determine to make some changes. Have you let some areas of your relationship slip? Are you spending time each day reading and reflecting on God’s word? Are you praying and worshiping the Lord each day? Have you gotten so caught up in the traps of this world you’ve put your relationship with God on cruise control? Are you listening for his still small voice; or are you so wrapped up in the busyness of life that you can’t even hear yourself think let along God’s gentle whispering? All of us fall into ruts, but we only get stuck in them if we stop moving.

If you’re not a Christian and you’re going through hardship, I encourage you to turn to Christ for answers and strength. He’s not a magic pill, but he is the great physician who can heal every hurt you’ll ever have. He loves you and cares about you so much he died for you. He knows what you’re going through right now and he wants to carry you through those rough spots and bring you into your own personal oasis with Him.


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