Satisfaction is sometimes exhausting

What a marvelous weekend we had! Our guests left us a few hours ago and Sam and I were able to sit down and relax for a few minutes (that means nap for those of you who might need a translation) and reflect on how the weekend went – fast is what we came up with! It was wonderful to have our house full of guest!

I love being around my family – both immediate and extended. I love cooking for them and visiting with them and reconnecting with them on what’s really happening in their lives. Talking politics and religion, talking shop, talking about Kim’s wedding plans and listening to her and Matt discuss their honeymoon options, sharing crazy family memories and reminiscing about family traditions, and getting newsy about childhood friends that have been bumped into lately, etc. All of it is just wonderful and brings a real sense of satisfaction for me.

And even though I am tired from the late nights of visiting and early mornings of breakfast preparations, I am so thankful I had this time with them. I am so thrilled that we live as close to them as we do now, and I hope to have many more long weekends with them, whether it be my sister’s-in-law, or my brother, or my parents, or my grandparents, or my cousin. It’s all a blessing.

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