Thank you Lord for the rain!

We finally got a good amount of rain yesterday and today – praise the Lord! It was getting so dry and dusty here I thought all the shrubs and bushes were going to dry up and blow away like the tumbleweeds do in southwest Kansas.

Sam and I were working in our garden yesterday and the ground was just hard as a brick. Fortunately we’re putting in raised beds instead of trying to work the ground. This red Georgia clay is attractive, but it is also pretty unforgiving. If we were planting our garden in the ground it would take us years of amending and tilling the soil here to have dirt that is in any way fit for growing vegetables.

We’ve had a small chance of rain in the forecast most of the week, however we never saw it – I think it sprinkled for about 10 minutes a couple of days last week, and that was it. But yesterday afternoon as we were headed to Wal-Mart the sky started to cloud up and just as we stepped inside the store it started to pour buckets of rain. It really rained hard! And again early this evening the sky clouded up and the heavens broke forth; it poured for a good 45 minutes or so, and then lightened up to a nice gentle rain for another hour and a half.

The earth is gladly sucking up every drop that falls from the sky, and I bet it is singing praises to God as well…I know I am!

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