Disorder and confusion everywhere….

Our garden has just gone mad. When I’m out there, I feel like I’m in Poison Ivey’s evil lair on Batman and Robin. The tomato plants have just gone berserk. Some of the plants are almost as tall as I am! We have lots of tomatoes on the plants as well, however we’re dealing with a nasty problem called blossom end rot. Since it’s so dry here, the plants are not getting enough water and therefore are not able to absorb all the nutrients they need to – particularly calcium. So they get this nasty black, leathery spot on the bottom that eventually rots out the entire fruit. It’s quite sad really. Sam said we lost about 10% of our tomatoes today. Fortunately, it is commonly known as an early season problem, and as the plants begin to mature even more and the fruit starts to ripen, that usually goes away. Lets hope so – I’d really like some yummy tomatoes from this planting.

We are also starting to get a good number of hot peppers. Specifically habaneros. We haven’t picked any from the plant yet as they’re all still very green and we don’t really have a use for them green. But, once they start to come on, we’re going to be absolutely loaded with the little devils. Sam is particularly excited about them because they’re his favorite hot pepper ever. He thinks they’re hot, but he also adores their fruity flavor, and he especially likes to slice them onto grilled hamburgers and eat them like normal people would for pickle chips. That’s my crazy man! We have also begun to harvest our jalapeno and cayenne peppers. The serrano is doing well too, but is a bit behind the others in production. Soon though.

As you can see, we’re also continuing to add to our collection of raised beds. We started this bed this morning, but got rained out half way through the project. I’m sure we’ll finish it up tonight, but we won’t get the dirt for it until next weekend. We’ve also decided to up the number of raised beds we’re going to install. Originally, we’d decided to have a total of 6 veggie beds, 1 berry bed, and 1 root veggie bed. Now, we’ve decided we need at least 10 veggie beds. We’re finding that we are really enjoying the process of growing our own produce, and it has significantly cut down on the amount of money we’re spending on fresh veg at the grocery store. If we want to become self-sufficient in this area, we are gonna need a lot more space to plant!

Oh how I love summer time! Everything about living in Georgia has been a great change from Maine.

Happy gardening!


One thought on “Disorder and confusion everywhere….

  1. Niecey

    it all sounds so wonderful. I wish I could taste some of it! I know I’ve really enjoyed the fresh tomaotoes we’ve got from our tomato plant here, which we have growing in a pot. We have some peppers on the way too and supposedly eggplant, but its not flowering too well so it might not work out. I LOVE freshly grown veggies.

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