Getting lost in my own sandwich….

Today’s post is going to be a collection of completely random thoughts. I am feeling highly uninspired this afternoon, however, my mind seems to be going in a thousand different directions all at once, and I can’t seem to focus on any one of them for long periods of time. Sometimes that just how my brain works – I’m not sure if it was too many drugs back in the day, or too much free time these days.

* As I was folding my laundry yesterday, I began thinking about how much my taste buds have changed over the years. For example, when I was a kid, I hated mushrooms. There wasn’t one thing about mushrooms that I liked – I didn’t like the smell, I didn’t like the color, I didn’t like the texture or the flavor. I thought they tasted like dirty feet smelled, and the texture was like chewing on someone else’s gum – slimy and rubbery. When I worked at the pizza joint and people would order mushrooms on their pizza, I dreaded making it for them. I hated sticking my hands in the mushroom bin. There wasn’t enough soap in the entire place that would take that awful smell off my hands – ugh. I also hated cream of mushroom anything. Every year at all the major food holidays, my mom would make a huge vat of green bean casserole, and she’d use extra cream of mushroom soup in the recipe and leave out the fried onions. Oh how I hated that stuff, but we still had to eat it. To this day I can’t stand that dish, and inevitably someone brings it to every potluck dinner.

But, as I grow older, I find that I don’t mind mushrooms so much now – especially on pizza or in pasta sauce. I’m not one to order a portabello burger or anything like that, but there are times when I am cooking a recipe that I add fresh (always fresh, never canned) mushrooms to the dish, and I quite enjoy eating it.

* One of the things I can’t stand are inside jokes. No, let me rephrase that – unless I’m in on the joke I can’t stand inside jokes. There is nothing more frustrating and isolating then for two or more people to be in on an inside joke, laughing it up and enjoying the hilarity of it all, while the rest of us just watch, dumbfounded, that for whatever reason we’ve missed what’s so funny. Talk about making someone feel like the fifth wheel.

For example, the title of my blog today, “Getting lost in my own sandwich” is an inside joke between Sam and I. Since I know how irritating it is to be out of the funny loop, I’m going to let you in on how that joke came to be – it’s quite silly and stupid really, but so are most inside joke origins.

One day while Sam and I were still living in Maine, we were driving into Wal-Mart to get groceries. The store was approximately 25 miles from our house, and in good weather we could make it in about half an hour. As we’re driving there, Sam and I were having our usual pleasant conversation about the weeks happenings, and our weekend plans, and our family, and our lives in general; you get the idea – we were just chit-chatting. And as we’re getting closer to the store my mind started to wonder (as it often does) and I was just staring off into space – taking in my surroundings, but not really aware of what was going on. As the conversation started to lag, Sam asked me what I was thinking about (I must have had a far away look in my eyes as I stared blankly out the window), and I said, “Oh nothing really, I guess I’m just lost in my own sandwich.” I kid you not….those words actually came out of my mouth! We just happened to be driving past an Arby’s and they were advertising some new sandwich in their front windows and I guess I just happened to be looking at the sign when I gave my answer. Sigh….oh, the mind is a terrible thing to waste!

* I have come to the conclusion that I really hate genetics. I don’t understand why some genes are passed on to one sibling and completely skips the other. For example, I happened to catch all the “fat” genes in my family. Growing up, I was always the fat kid and my brother was always the wiry one. He could eat anything and not gain a pound. I, on the other hand, only had to think about food and my butt would start to spread out.

For the most part, my dad’s side of the family are all thin, petite, wiry, athletic people, while on the other side of my family, the women especially have a tendency to be a bit on the overweight side. Needless to say, I’m the fat one and my brother is the thin one. Oh how I hate genetics! Some day some doctor or scientist is going to rule the world once he invents DNA reassignment procedures.

* As promised yesterday, here are the photos of my baby quilt fabrics. The fabric photo on the left is the quilt I’m making for Zoe-baloney (that’s her Grandpa’s nickname for her). She just turned a year old in February. She’s just too cute. I chose really girly fabrics (Paris inspired) for her quilt. She seems to be following in her older sister, Kaya’s footsteps and is becoming quite a rough and tumble kind of girl (a tomboy). She needs all the girly influence she can get! The fabric photo on the right is for Lana Belle. She’s going to turn four on the 29th of this month and she really loves cats. The three print fabrics in her quilt are cat related – cat faces, cat antics, and fish bones. I had good intentions of making a quilt for her long before now, however life just seemed to keep getting in my way. Better late than never, right?!

* I love cereal. It happens to be one of my favorite foods. I like almost all kinds of cereal as well – sweet cereals, whole grain cereals, hot cereals, cold cereals, dry cereal, fruit cereals, fiber cereals, you name it and I probably like it. I could eat cereal almost any time of the day, and I seem to make it a regular habit. There’s nothing better at night than a bowl of cereal before you go to bed. To me, it’s like a glass of warm milk, or a mug of cocoa, or a piece of cheese – something about it just makes me sleepy. Also, when I’m sick, there’s nothing I crave more than a bowl of cereal – especially when I have the flu. I know, I know, that’s the worst time to eat dairy, but it’s the only thing that ever sounds good to me.

* One of the coolest things happened to me this past weekend. A couple of weeks ago, I stumbled onto one of my long-lost cousins, via the Internet. I was looking around the Classmates website and I happened across her profile. A few weeks later, she was checking out the same site and she just happened to notice that I’d been there. She sent me a quick email to say hello. I was completely taken aback when I received her email, however my heart was warmed by it.

I have such fond memories of her. She is the daughter of my mother’s oldest sister, and one of the most beautiful girls I’d ever known. In my mind, she was supermodel beautiful. She had long dark hair, flawless skin, perfect makeup, she was popular and energetic and witty and funny, and she was tall and thin and athletic (she’s everything I’ve never been).

She is several years older than I am, and as a kid, I just completely idolized her. Because of my parent’s divorce (I was 4 years old when that happened) I didn’t really get to spend too much time with my mom’s side of the family, so I never got to know my cousin very well, and by the time I was old enough to be able to choose where I wanted to spend my time, she’d already gone off to college and had gotten married and started a family. Anyway, we haven’t been in contact for at least 15 years, so getting an email from her out of the blue was just wonderful, and I’m really hoping we can stay in contact now.

* Man, our backyard needs mowed. Sam mowed the front lawn last night and it looks really nice today, but our backyard hasn’t been mowed in about 3 weeks now. I should get out and mow it, but I’m not going to. Fortunately, the backyard doesn’t have a lot of good grass, so there are only a few spots that are pretty tall, and those are mostly weeds. We bought a new self-propelled mower 2 weeks ago, and Sam hasn’t even started it up yet. I’d do it, but it’s one of those guy things – he wants to be the first one to use it. He wants to put the first tank of gas in it. He wants to figure out what all the buttons and bobs are for, and I’m gonna let him. We have a little 18″ cut push mower that I could use, but our back yard is nearly a half acre of grass that I just don’t feel like push-mowing today. So, until he gets his rear in gear, the back yard will continue to look like a jungle.

* I wonder how my dad is today? Today is his first day back to work since he hurt his back a couple months ago. His doctor released him to return to light duty work, and is setting up an appointment with an orthopedist for some nerve tests. She thinks that he’s going to end up needing to have back surgery in order to get any relief from his current pain and problems. I feel a bit sad knowing that he’s not sitting at home today, resting and reading my blog. I’m sure he’ll check it out later tonight, but it’s not the same. (I love you Daddy, and I hope you are feeling okay today. xoxo)

Okay, I guess I’ve rambled on enough today. As I said, I’ve had a lot of random thoughts today, but nothing completely inspiring. Hopefully I’ll be better tomorrow!


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