So I was getting ready to start cutting quilting squares and strips for my first quilt to be made with my new sewing machine – a baby quilt for Zoe, and I wanted to take a few photos of the fabric that I picked out for it to post on here, but I soon discovered that the digital camera is still in the car. Gggrrrr!

I really hate it when I forget to bring it in the house. We had taken it with us on Saturday when we went to look at the hunting property, with the intention of taking some photos for Sam to post on his blog. But, as you can see, we didn’t even manage to do that! When we got there, we were completely overtaken by the beauty of the property that I forgot to snap any pics. I managed to rescue it from the gruesome grip of Sam’s truck later that day and stuck it in my pocketbook, however, when we stopped at Wal-Mart I decided it probably wasn’t a good idea to take it in the store with me, so I dropped it down in the center console of the car….and completely forgot about it until this morning.

So, I guess I start cutting squares and just take pictures of the finished product. Darn!


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