New topic coming soon!

As Sam and I were munching on our O’Charlie’s appetizer at lunch today and discussing politics and the church, I was struck with one of those frequent “ah-ha” moments. As I grow older and wiser I find that I have those kinds of moments more often than I did when I was a young blood. I guess that’s one of the benefits of growing up – you begin to listen to your mind instead of reacting with your emotions. So, in the spirit of the “ah-ha”, I’m going to be adding a weekly feature to this blog called “Moments of Truth”.

In that weekly feature, I’m going to be using the Bible to debunk some commonly held social and religious misconceptions we have. I’ll be targeting topics like divorce, marriage, homosexuality, baptism, women in leadership roles, communion, Jesus, and a variety of other topics. I encourage you to post your comments and thoughts on the topics discussed, as well as suggest topics for me to address.

These posts are not designed to be politically correct, sugar coated, or to follow the socially accepted norms. And yes, some of my readers may even find the content offensive. However, do not expect me to apologize for what is written, as it will be based on the Bible’s instruction to us as it pertains to those areas.

Truth is truth whether we believe it or not; whether we like it or not; and whether we choose to obey it or not.


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