What a great weekend

I love Memorial Day weekend. I think it is one of the more important holidays we celebrate in America. I think it is very appropriate to honor our past and present servicemen and women, especially during the current time of military unrest. These men and women who are serving in the Middle East are placing their lives in harm’s way for us. They have chosen to fight for our freedoms as well as the freedom of other people who are not able to fight for themselves. They are true hero’s as far as I’m concerned, and I am proud to honor them.

This was also an awesome weekend with my folks. They arrived late on Saturday afternoon as they had some trouble getting out of town, but we’ve had a grand time laughing and reminiscing about the old days. I have such fun any time they are around, and I am praying that doors will open for them to move closer to us in the next few years. I’m very lucky to have such great parents, and I love spending time with them.

I hope everyone reading this had an excellent weekend as well, and I hope you and your families were safe.



2 thoughts on “What a great weekend

  1. Devoid of Emotions

    Hello, I found your blog randomly, and I like it. I might drop this blog a visit every once in a while.I’m glad that when you post, you use proper English, unlike my peers’ blogs here in Singapore.Oh well. See you around, and hope you update soon.By the way, if you plan on visiting my blog, please only open the link labelled “Hating Humanity with A New Passion” (please ignore what the ttitle means, and just click it.) The others are only experiments.Bye bye, I hope you have many more enjoyable weekends to come.

  2. Niecey

    Sounds like a lot of fun. Oh and if you have any leftover you need to get rid of, you can always send them our way! hehe. it all sounded delicious!

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