Happy Mother’s Day….a tribute to my daughter

For most of my life I’ve wanted to have children. As many pre-teen girls do, I had every detail of my story book life perfectly planned out, right down to the number of freckles my kids would have on their noses – all four of them…kids, that is. I wanted to have two boys (Darrian Michael and Devon Stone) and two girls (Samantha Jade and Alivia Gabrielle). The boys would come first so they could protect and watch over their kid sisters, and my girls would have curly brown hair and long eyelashes.

Unfortunately, in a cruel twist of fate, nature decided that I would not make a fit parent and took away my options. From the time I was fourteen years old, I knew that I would never be able to have children. My heart broke the day all my hopes and dreams were snatched from my hands, and I became very bitter toward little children, as well as their mothers. I stopped babysitting, I stopped working in the church nursery, and I made it a point to avoid small children and babies, at all costs. If I couldn’t be a mother to my own children, I wanted nothing to do with children period. No point to nurture a desire that could never be fulfilled, right?

When I married my beloved husband eleven years ago, we decided that we were not going to try and have any children, to avoid any further heartache on my part. And as fortune would have it, he has two grown children from a previous marriage – a son and a daughter. In all the years that we have been married, I have grown to love and care for his children as if they were my own. Our son, who is turning 30 this Fall has yet to marry; however, he lives a very happy and productive life as a bachelor. And, our daughter and her husband have blessed us with four beautiful and wonderful granddaughters, and they have a fifth child due in September! And even thought I may always just be “the other woman” in their eyes, they are the light in mine.

So, today I’d like to recognize and affirm my daughter………

Denise, you are a wonderful person! You are kind and gentle, with a sweet smile and a soft disposition. You light up the room with your laughter and wit, and you are growing and maturing into a beautiful woman of God. You are forever thinking of others before yourself, and are quick to offer a helping hand in every situation. You are creative and artistic, and it shows in the photos you take and the designs you create. You share your artistic gifts with others generously – never seeking compensation for the time and effort that goes into the finished project. You are appreciative beyond measure, no matter how large or small the gift is, you always make the giver feel good. You are a woman of integrity and character – seeking to honor and glorify Christ in all that you do.

Niecey, your husband absolutely adores you. The love you two share is so obviously reflected in his eyes as he gazes upon your face. His love for you is evident in the kind way he treats you, and in the gentleness of his touch. His devotion for you and your children is only exceeded by his devotion to our Lord and Savior, and he strives to honor you in all the ways the Bible directs him to; providing for you both physically and emotionally. Oh the blessings you will share as your marriage continues to be strengthened by your love for each other.

Daughter, one day your children will rise up and call you blessed. As you care for them and love them in all the ways you ought to, you are demonstrating a life lived for Christ. You are teaching them the value of love and courage and honesty and compassion. Your daughters look up to you for wisdom and guidance and a kind word. How fortunate are your children to be growing up in a loving and Christ centered home. They are learning by your example, and they are being taught well. And as they continue to grow older and spread their wings further, they will take comfort in your love for them. Your love will grow into friendship and your bond with them will become even stronger as they mature into womanhood. And when they are grown, you will get misty eyed as you reflect on the times they were children; and you’ll remember their scraped knees, and all the bedtime stories you told them, and trips to the zoo. And with warmed hearts, they will look back and smile as they remember the love you showed them and the Christian example you lived for them.

And even though I had no part in how you’ve turned out, I want you to know that I am proud of you. I am honored to be able to share in your life and the lives of your children, and I am so blessed to be able to count you as my friend and my daughter. Happy Mother’s Day……….

One thought on “Happy Mother’s Day….a tribute to my daughter

  1. Niecey

    Gosh I’m blushing. This is very sweet thank you, even if the photo is rather embarassing!! heheHappy Mothers day to you too. Thanks for all you are and all you do. 🙂

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