Cancun, Mexico

Well, we’re back from Mexico as of 1:00 a.m. this morning. We had a great time in Cancun, and we loved the view from our terrace! We spent a fair amount of time sitting there and enjoying the ocean breeze and the soothing sounds of the surf. The beach was as pristine as one would expect in the Caribbean, and the people were very pleasant and friendly.

The resort we stayed at was backed up onto the beach, so 99% of the rooms there have an ocean view balcony or terrace, and the 5 pools are all situated between the resort and the beach so as to create a lagoon effect. It was all very beautiful and relaxing.

We spent a fair amount of time reading and napping, but we did go out deep sea fishing on Friday morning. It was a good time, and the boat only held 4 people plus two crew members. The water was quite rough once we got past the bay and into open ocean – 4 to 5 foot swells! We pulled in 5 fish total and had to cut our trip short by and hour and a half because we were all getting very sea sick.

Sam caught an 8-10 pound Mahi-Mahi and a 2 – 3 pound yellow tailed snapper. He’s pictured here with the Mahi. It was fun watching him bring in his catch. The Mahi was a brilliant rainbow of colors while it was still alive, but unfortunately once it dies it becomes a dark green and yellow as you can see from the photo. He’s never caught one before though, so he was pleased.

One of the other guys on the boat caught a Wahoo, which was totally awesome. This guy and his son were from California and they’d never been out deep sea fishing before, so we were completely thrilled to see his catch; and our captain felt it was certainly a trophy fish, although it wasn’t a Blue Marlin or shark. The fish measured close to 4 feet long and weighed about 35 – 40 pounds. It really made for a great experience for them and I hope it encourages them to continue fishing out in California!

All in all, we had a great time and were able to really get rested and relaxed while we were away. It seems that there were no big crisis while we were gone, which is good. Although, we found out from the vet on Thursday that they were unable to neuter Guinness at this point in time due to his undistended testicle. Oh well, I guess he got lucky, and I’m sure if he knew what we had planned for him last week he wouldn’t have been too happy about it anyway!


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