Saying goodbye

Well, my trip to Florida is finally coming to an end tomorrow. I leave for ATL at 1:15 p.m. While I’m looking forward to getting back home to my beloved husband and critters, I feel like I could stay down here for another 10 days and not outlive my usefulness. My family is falling apart.

There really hasn’t been any changes with my Gram. Her next doctor’s appointment will be at the end of April, and she’ll be accessed by a neuropsychologist. Hopefully this doctor will be able to access the type of mental illness she’s suffering from, what stage it’s in, and recommend a course of treatment options. She’s so stubborn that she hasn’t really allowed me to be of any help to her at all…gggrrrrrrr!

My dad however went to the orthopedist today and they’ve ordered another MRI for him – this time for his spine. The doctor believes that he’s got a herniated disc, but wants to be sure. I believe he goes in for that on Tuesday of next week. He’s still in a significant amount of pain and can’t work. Fortunately he’s got over 700 hours of sick time accrued and is able to be paid for all this time off. I’m also praying and hoping that he will be able to get some relief. I was impressed with the orthopedist we saw today – he seemed like this is going to be something that can be treated successfully once he’s able to confirm what the actual problem is.

I’m ready to get home though. I’m missing my husband a lot!


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