When it rains, it pours!

What a week this has been for our family! It seems that Murphy has taken a huge tole on us over the past 10 days, and I’ve about had enough! Here’s a current rundown of our family health crisis:

My 87 year old Granddad fell and broke his right shoulder. He’s in Doctor’s Hospital in Sarasota and most likely going to be moved to an assisted care facility until he’s healed up.

My Dad has a pinched sciatic nerve and is in excruciating pain in his back and legs. He’s been to the chiropractor and the emergency room and can’t seem to get any relief. He’s currently unable to work.

My sis-in-law fell off a scooter and broke one of her wrists and her jaw on both sides. Her wrist has been casted and she goes in today to have her jaw wired shut for two weeks. She’s back on the milkshake diet…lucky girl!

My husband twisted his knee doing yard work a few weeks ago and is very slow to heal up. He’s been hobbling around the house for a couple of weeks now and refuses to go to the doctor for it. He is also suffering from allergies and is constantly congested and sneezing or coughing. Again, he refuses to see a doctor, so he just keeps taking all kinds of over the counter drugs that mess with his blood pressure, which doesn’t help him at all, considering he won’t even take his meds for that. He’s really falling apart on me!

My daughter is pregnant. Nothing wrong with that, but she’s also fighting a nasty spring cold (as is all their family) and because she’s pregnant she can’t take anything that might give her some relief.

My middle grandaughter is going to have to go back into surgery to put some type of shunt in her tear duct to keep it permanently open. She also has eczema and is going to be seeing a psychiatrist – she’s only 3 years old.

And finally my youngest grandaughter has been diagnosed with a heart murmur and will be undergoing a few tests to see how severe it is and if there is any additional treatments that will need to be required.

“Dear Lord, you are such an awesome God! You care for us so tenderly, and you are concerned about every bump and scratch we have. Right now, we are a family of cripples and lepers! Please send your ministering angels to comfort us, protect us, and bring healing and relief to our sick. Thank you for Jesus, who is the ultimate physician; it’s in his name I pray, amen.”

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