"The seed of life"

Have you, like me, ever wondered how the egg became one of the most recognized symbols used at Easter? I mean, come on…an egg? It shoots out of….well, I don’t really need to go there, do I… Thankfully, the Internet has come through for me again, and I now know why we recognize the lowly egg, despite it’s humble beginnings!

In most cultures, including ours, the egg represents “the seed of life.” In ancient Babylon where the Easter festival was first celebrated (by the way, it had nothing to do with Christianity), the egg was a symbol associated with re-birth and reincarnation of King Nimrod. In medieval Europe, elaborately decorated eggs were given as prized gifts during the first weeks of Spring; and ancient pagan Spring festivals often included dyed and decorated eggs, paying homage to the Earth’s re-birth.

In Christianity, the egg represents the start of our new life in Christ, which happened at the resurrection. The tradition of an Easter egg hunt therefore represents those who are outside of Christ, finding new life in His sacrifice and resurrection.

While Easter’s ancient Babylonian origin is quite sinful and repulsive, as a Christian, I am able to see past that and use it as a time to celebrate the Lord’s death and resurrection; boldly sharing my faith and new life in Christ with those who are outside of His amazing love and sacrifice.


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