Yesterday was Palm Sunday – the final week before Easter. I love this time of year. Not only because Spring has come to Georgia, but it is a time to remember and celebrate my new life in Christ, which was only made possible because of Jesus’ choice to walk the road that lay ahead of him.

On Palm Sunday, Jesus heard the crowds joyously cry out “Hosanna….Messiah….King of Kings!” But by Friday, he would hear that same crowd angrily demanding his death….”Crucify him…crucify him….crucify him!” Yes, Jesus knew on that first Palm Sunday the bitterness and pain that lay just a few days ahead of him, and yet he choose to walk that road. As he spent his last remaining week in the presence of his disciples, he drew strength from them as he continued to teach them his father’s ways; he continued to encourage them to remain faithful even after he was gone, promising to return to them once his good work had been completed. In the Garden of Gethsemane, as fear gripped him, he begged God for another way. He was scared, but he was also the servant of us all and he knew there was no other way. Our Lord Jesus Christ knew he was our only hope of salvation. That on our own, we’d never be able to measure up to God’s perfect standard…a standard that was complete only in his son, Jesus.

This week as we make preparations to spend Easter Sunday with friends and family, I hope we all make time to daily remember our Lord’s sacrifice for us.



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