Turning in my crown

There’s a popular Christian praise and worship song that’s been out for a few years called We Fall Down. The song has been covered by a number of P&W artists, and I happen to love the Chris Tomlin version. I’ve sung this song in a number of churches and along with my radio hundreds of times, but it wasn’t until today that I truly grasped the words of the song and how they were meant to be applied to my own heart and life:

We fall down, we lay our crowns at the feet of Jesus.

The greatness of mercy and love, at the feet of Jesus.

We cry holy, holy, holy….

We cry holy, holy, holy….

We cry holy, holy, holy is the Lamb.

In this time of praise and worship music consumerism I sometimes forget to really hear and apply to my life the words of these great songs. I forget that artists write them with a greater purpose in mind than becoming a church jingle. And that is, for us to apply them to our lives; for them to touch us on an emotional level creating tangibility in our relationship with God.

Sam and I often joke that I’m the “Queen of the World” and I should have my own crown and country. But in all honesty, we all own and wear our crowns. We wear them boldly and in secret, and we hold them near to ourselves; polishing and caressing them like sacred talisman, certain they bring us power, security and honor. They take many shapes: pride, arrogance, materialism, piety, deeds, ambition, stubbornness, anger, depression, self-pity, bitterness, selfishness, self-reliance and defeat. In our eyes they sparkle and glisten, enrapturing us as jewels under a candle. It isn’t until they are exposed to the Light that they look as cheap as vending machine bobbles. My biggest crowns come in the area of pride, deeds and selfishness. There are many times that I throw a pity party for one, because I can’t have my own way (sadly, I can act just like royalty does).

It is only when I fall down at the foot of the cross that I am truly humbled by the Lord’s sacrifice. And in those times I realize that I am no more worthy to be in Jesus’ presence than the immoral woman who anointed Jesus’ feet with myrrh and tears, and dried them with her hair (see Luke 7:36-50 for the full story). Like that despised woman who took her most sacred possession and offered it humbly at Jesus’ feet, I am moved to weeping at the compassion that He shows a sinner like me. It is only when we come before Jesus holding our broken and tarnished crowns that we can begin to experience the greatest act of mercy and love that we will ever be shown. It is only when we fall at his feet with our heads fully exposed that we become vulnerable. At that moment we are ready to become holy like our Lord Jesus Christ; the chosen sacrificial Lamb.


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