The gift of a songbird

This morning I was sitting in my kitchen having a cup of coffee and feeling sorry for myself after another poor night’s sleep when the most beautiful song filled the air. At first I didn’t pay much attention to it as I was so wrapped up in my own thoughts; but after a few moments the simple melody broke through my mind and I began to listen. As I listened, the song grew louder and more intriguing and I decided to search out the source. Surely it was going to be something beautiful and magnificent, and certainly a bird worthy of such a stirring melody. As I walked to my front windows, my curiosity piqued, I was most disappointed when I spied a lone robin perched in a bush. How could such a common bird make such a beautiful melody? Surely there must be another bird out there, and I continued to survey the landscape hoping to catch a glimpse of the singer. But as I watched, the robin began to sing again…the song was the same beautiful melody I’d heard just moments before, and it began to fill up the air in such a way that every breath I took was a breath of the robin’s song. The twittering was joyous and pure in such a way that it began to consume me. That lone, common robin was singing praises to my Lord. And he was singing because I wasn’t.

At that moment, Luke 19:40 flashed through my mind. “If they (meaning us) keep quiet, the stones will cry out.”

The tears began to flow unchecked down my cheeks as I realized that I had forgotten what I was created to do. I was created to praise the Lord. Over the last few weeks I have become so inwardly focused that I’ve been concentrating on all the negative things around me. I had stopped daily lifting my voice in praise to my heavenly father, and my spirit was beginning to feel like a dry and dusty riverbed. As I whispered a prayer of forgiveness, the robin’s melody began to swell and swirl in my heart and I could feel the Lord’s healing waters rushing into the parched places of my spirit. I feel rejuvenated, refreshed, and forgiven!

Thank you Lord for the common robin, who never forgets to sing your praises….reminding me that I should be doing the same!


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