Happy 25th Anniversary!

I don’t post on here very often, but today I want to take a minute and acknowledge two very special people in my life, and recognize the wonderful and inspiring accomplishment they’ve managed.

Today, my parents are celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary. It hasn’t always been easy for them, in fact it was probably a lot harder than it ever looked. We had our share of ups and downs as a family, but my parents always took it in stride. They stuck together through thick and thin, and have managed to come out on the other side virtually unscathed.

Now some of you may scoff saying, “25 years, that’s not a long time.” And I say to you, I’d like to see you try it! For those of you who are married, you know what that challenge holds. It means 25 years worth of compromising. That’s right….compromising….lovingly thinking of and putting someone elses needs before your own. Doing whatever you can to make their life easier, more enjoyable, happier and safer without think of what you may get in return. Sometimes it’s hard to imagine ourselves setting aside our own wants and needs in order to serve someone elses. What a selfish society we live in.

No, I beieve that a quarter of a century lived in harmony is quite an accomplishment, and certainly one worth mentioning. In this day-and-age of high speed, high tech, upgraded, instant gratification, me-centered world we live in finding two people who’ve managed to create a life together that’s lasted more than a couple of minutes is pretty remarkable.

I just read a gossip article on MSNBC.com today that was dishing on the top celebrity break-up of 2006. I was shocked to see that almost half of the celebs mentioned were divorced within the first two years of marriage. Some of the marriages had only lasted a few months. So I defy you to tell me that marriage is still sacred or easy.

Of course, this day has also led me to reflect on my own marriage – my first and only one I might add. Sam and I will be celebrating our 10th anniversary this year, and as I bask in the glow of my parents marriage, I am inspired to continue on the path I’ve chosen. I am shocked at how quickly the last 10 years have gone by, and yet there are some days I feel like I’ve been married forever. I can safely say, I am happier today than I was on my wedding day, and I’m certainly more in love with my husband than I was back then. I have a deep appreciation for the way he takes care of our family, always choosing the responsible road. I respect his opinions as they mirror his character. And I feel completely confident in the solidarity of his integrity as he strives to seek the Lord in all his ways.

So to my parents, Mike and Connie, I raise my cup. You have been an inspiration to me; to our family; and to those you know. Thank you!


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