Feeling sorry for myself

I am really feeling blue and sorry for myself tonight. Sam has to go out of town tomorrow morning and won’t be home until Wednesday night (if his flight doesn’t get cancelled). Then he’s home for a couple of weeks and then back off again for 3 or 4 days. I am lucky that he doesn’t have to travel quite as much as the other executives, but they also don’t have 11 dogs to look after. I really get nervous when he’s away, and I’m generally miserable until he comes home.

I really hate that we have so many stupid dogs, and I really can’t wait until they’re down to a managable number. He keeps telling me that this is his last racing season and he’s going to get rid of most of the dogs after this year, but honestly, I’ll believe that when I see it. Four years ago he said he was going to retire and would never get sleddogs again, and here we are once again with a whole stupid yard full of ’em. It’s a never ending cycle with him. I can’t ever believe a word he says when it comes to dogs, especially when he talks about getting rid of them.

And, I wish he’s spend the money and get a real fenced in yard so I wouldn’t have to worry about the 3 house dogs running off when I let them out to the bathroom. I think I’m going to try taking them out one at a time on a leash while he’s gone. I don’t have the control or level of respect that he does with them. He doesn’t understand why I get so nervous about letting them out without leashes or a fence, but when we bought these beasts, we agreed to keep them safe at all times (at least as much as humanly possible). We live on a reasonably busy road, and since it’s out in the country, people aren’t travling 35 mph on it either. I have scraped dogs off the road before, and it’s not something I care to repeat again.

Anyway, that’s enough whining for tonight….besides, what good does it do me anyway? No one’s listening!


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