Its hard to believe that fall is in full swing here. The maple trees are putting on their best ever fall show, and the air is frosty and crisp, especially in the mornings. I am always amazed and awed by God’s splendor, but fall is a time when I can especially appreciate His handy work.

As much as I love fall, I am a little disappointed that is has come so soon. Unfortunately, our fall season is so short, and winter is usually right on its heels and it lasts sooooo long. I like to tell people who don’t understand extreme Northern climates that we have 5 months with leaves and 7 months without. Farmers and speculators alike are predicting a really harsh winter this year. I’ve heard that we may even see snowfall that could rival “the old days.” Honestly, I hope not. I don’t have any interest or desire to be able to walk up a snow bank and over the power lines. I do enjoy the first few snows of the year, covering the hills and trees with a glistening blanket of white, making everything seem magical…..very much like Narnia. But, by New Year, I’m over it and ready for Spring again, which won’t rouse it’s dormant head until late April.

Oh, the blistful vigor of youth
Alight on the first petals of spring.

Chased by summer’s sunkist glow
And fireflies golden dance.

But twilight comes with falls first kiss
The brilliant colors fade.

We close our eyes in deepest sleep
With winter’s shade of gray.


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