Well, a couple of weeks ago we got the news that we’re going to be grandparents again! This will be #4 for us. I am truly overjoyed about little “Scout” joining our family in February! I have never had my own children, but I think of my step-children as if they were mine. I love them and worry over them and try to support them in every way possible. I know they don’t quite feel the same way about me as I do them, but they humor me at least and they allow me to treat them as I would my own. I am grateful to them for this.

Ever since the moment I laid eyes on each of my little girls, they have owned Grammy’s heart. I never knew how much love a person could have for a tiny, helpless, infant. I feel blessed every day to have these little ones in my life. They are my joy and my inspiration, and I am so looking forward to meeting little “Scout” and watching how he/she adds their own personality to our happy little family! Thank you Lord for new grandbabies!


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