Are the new quarters in yet?

Man do I hate these new State quarters. They have become the bain of my existance. I am so tired of old people, who can’t afford to live on their monthly Social Security checks as it is, calling every day to see if the new State quarters are in (or the new nickels).

These people are crazy. They case the banks, waiting until our money is dropped off, which by the way is a Federal offense. They call on a daily basis, hoping that we’ve received them, one hand poised on their front door, ready to make a mad dash to the Bank….I guess they hope to beat the rush. And, most of the time, we are lucky if we get one box of them ($500 worth), and it is usually a couple of weeks after the next quarter in the series has been released. But it never fails, within 15 minutes of their arrival we’ve got old people waiting in line for the quarters. And what amazes and discusts me is, most of these people aren’t even our customers and yet they expect to buy $100 worth of the dumb things and then pitch a fit when we tell them we will only give them a certain amount as we’re obligated not to them but to our customers.

I don’t know if these people think that some day these quarters will be worth more than 25 cents, but I’m gonna let you in on a big secret….they won’t be. They are produced in mass quantity, cost roughly 13 cents to mint, are being distributed throughout the USA and will only EVER be worht 25 cents. They don’t even contain any real silver. So to all you out there who are hoarding them under your bed or in your sock drawer, go to the bank, turn them in, and invest the money in a good mutual fund where you will actually earn a buck or two before you die.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot, stop calling us…..


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