Fighting the big "T"

I love my husband dearly, but sometimes he’s so darned competitive. And it’s not like it’s in things that really count. Let me give you a classic example.

Last night, we’re on our way to the grocery store. We’re driving down the road, minding our own business, having a nice conversation, and out of the blue, a car flies up the road on us and is riding our bumper. It was obvious that he wanted to pass us, and for good reason, we were driving in the “fast lane” and we weren’t going fast enough.

Now being the logical woman that I am, I would have moved into a different lane and let the jerk go on his merry way. That’s me, call me crazy, but it seems to be the thing that makes the most sense. Well, aparantly I was wrong in thinking this way because not only did my beloved not move over for the guy, but he starts speeding up all the while complaining about how this guy is riding our bumper. The guy behind us picks up on this little gig and decides to pass us, so he pulls out into the “slow lane” and starts to accelerate. My sweet, loving husband also continues to accelerate. We are now traveling about 60 in a 35 and my beloved has this crazed look on his face. He’s oozing the big “T” (testosterone) all over the car. The battle of T’s finally ended when the guy trying to pass us turned off onto a side street, and I quickly saw my husband return to normal.

Now not only is this scary, but completely wrong. Honestly, what good did it do either of these 2 to act so foolishly? It was like watching two dogs go for the same rotting carcass. I don’t know if this is man’s way of preserving his role in the dominance chain or what, but I find it ridiculous. It’s so nice to know that women aren’t such posers.


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