Bon Voyage…..almost

Have you seen the commercial about travel? You know, the one where the lady is in her office marking days off the calendar with a fat red marker, counting down the days until her trip to Hawaii. Or an even better one is the one where the man and the woman are constantly talking about how pampered they were on their cruise. Well, that’s me. I’m going to be experienceing the full pampering delights of a Carribean cruise at the end of May, but do you know how far off that is?! 116 days to be exact! I can’t believe how slow time is going. I am ready for a vacation, and boy do I ever need it!

This will be my first cruise, and I’m looking forward to doing it all, even coming back with a sunglasses tan! Everyone tells me it is a “woman’s dream vacation.” No beds to make, not meals to prepare, no driving all over the place or rushing around to get somewhere, and certainly no standing in long lines for hours in the sweltering heat to ride a 2 minute ride.

I’m ready to reclaim adventure, and live like a queen…..I’m ready for travel!!


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