That’s just too far to the Right…..

Growing up in a “radically Right” home I often was not given an option for choices in my belief system. It was the “Right” way or….well, there were no other choices, so no questions asked. So when I toddled off to college at the ripe old age of 18, thinking I knew everything, I was confronted with a whole world of choices that should not have been new to me. Choices so enticing I could not resist…..choices that clearly weren’t “right.” Despite all my years of “Left wing” wanderings, I always found the “right” side of the middle more comfortable, and eventually slipped over the line back into my “right” mind (yes, this is a very thinly veiled attempt at making a political joke, which those who know me know that politics and I mix as well as oil and water). I am going somewhere with all this….

One of the things I really despise about “radically right wingers” is their ability to jump on a bandwagon that’s so broken down and ride it to death as if it were a chariot (the same can be said for radical lefties, too). For example, when the Harry Potter books were first published, the whole “radically right” side were up in arms about how these books were going to bring about the downfall of our youth. That we were going to see a definant upswing in occult activity, and kids were going to replace their sports and pop star posters with pentagrams and goat heads. And the church just embraced this crazy notion whole heartedly since it was advocated by a renouned Christian radio broadcast. People were exiled from their places of worship if the elders found out you let your kid check out the book from the school library, or didn’t pull your kid out of class in protest if the teacher was reading it for story time. It was a huge “stink” that clung to every Christian whether you felt that way or not. I personally have seen all the movies (several times) and read all 6 of the Harry Potter books and can’t wait for the 7th one to come out. Granted, I don’t think it is a series that kids under 10 should be exposed to as it can be a bit graphic, but I think with the proper parental input it is an enjoyable experience that can be used as an introductory point for Christianity.

In that same sense, a more recent pot has been stired up by the new movie End of the Spear. Once again the radically right have opened their mouths and turned this movie into a feeding frenzy for liberals everywhere. We are so busy bickering amongst ourselves about the morality of the actors in the movie that we are missing a great outreach opportunity to show non-Christians a wonderful story of redemption and love. But no, in true radically right fashion, they’d rather focus on the actors who’s lives are sinful. News flash, radically rights have sinned too, but we won’t bring that up just now will we?!

Get a grip, honestly, people!!! No one in their right mind goes to a movie and says, “oh my gosh, can you believe so-and-so was in this movie… dare the producers ask them to play that role…..don’t they know that in the 2nd grade that person chopped down a cherry tree and lied about it?! How can I sit here and watch this now…..I know what they did and it has just ruined the whole film for me….I can’t get that image out of my mind…that poor tree…..” And as over the top as that sounds, that’s exactly what’s happening. For once, I’d like to see someone on the radically right side sit down and watch the movie like a regular person before they go shootin’ off their mouths or stirrin’ up a load of crap that will create a stink that will envelope the whole right side of the line….


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